How to Choose Best Running Shoes for Girls

Running Shoes for Girls

It is always been that women's running shoes were just a small version of a man's running shoe. We all know that men and women are different shaped with different feet and different builds and they run differently. You need to the best support from your running shoes there are several things to consider before making a purchase.

Female Foot Shape

Women have a narrower heel and therefore their foot ratio is different than men's. If you wear a man's shoe it could leave the back of your foot unsupported and lead to chafing. You need to find issue that is snugly fit around your heel but doesn't because that can lead to extra pressure on the front of your foot.

Bounce Back

Being a woman means you are usually lighter than a man of the same height so the cushioning of the sole needs to be less dense to produce bounce back. Bounce back is this spring effective the shoe when you apply pressure to the soul with your foot and release during normal running motion. Obviously men are heavier so their soul needs to be denser to account for that weight. To get the maximum bounce back find shoes that are specifically designed for women with a lower density sole.

Find Your Foot Type

Typically your foot type will fall into one of three categories, flat, normal or high arched. This impacts the type of running shoe that you need. You can work out your foot type at home by performing the wet foot test. Stand with a wet foot on a service that will leave a visible footprint such as paper or cardboard.

Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Once you have the sole visible in the wet test impression then you know you have flat feet which means you typically prone eight excessively or roll inwards on your ankle. Your shoes will need to have firm midsoles and plenty of support. Steer clear of shoes that have a lot of questioning as they have less support. Women tend to pronate more than men and therefore have wider hips and a bigger angle between their hip and knee. This creates more instability so women's running shoes should be more supportive.

Best Shoes for Normal Feet

If your wet test footprint has gentle curves inward at the arch, you have a normal foot. Normal feet don't require any special features she can choose any type of writing shoot you desire.

Best Shoes for High Arched Feet

If you have a high arch foot your footprint cuts away excessively at the arch so there is only a very thin line outside of the footprint that connects the heel to the top of your foot. If this is you, you don't pronated to absorb shock when writing so you will need a shoe with lots of cushioning and flexibility, which encourages movement in your foot.

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