The 10 Best Sports For Girls

Playing a sport is highly beneficial for girls as they will learn new skill sets, get plenty of exercise, and experience social connectedness when making friends. While most sports require team participation, they all differ in pace and activity level. In order to help our young female youth of America decide what sports are right for them, it is best to learn which sports they are most interested in and what equipment is necessary for them to participate.

#1 Soccer

Girls Soccer

Several female athletes enjoy playing soccer, one of the world’s most popular sports. Soccer is great for those who would like to build up lower body strength and are interested in working in a team. In the game of soccer one will need cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball.

#2 Volleyball

Girls Volleyball

The team sport of Volleyball involves 6 players on each team with a net between the two opposing sides. The object of the game is to land the ball on the opposing team’s side of the net. Volleyball typically played in an indoor setting but can be placed in a variety of outdoor settings including the beach. All you need to play volleyball are knee pads and a ball.

#3 Tennis

Alize Lim - French Tennis Player

Tennis is a great sport for those more interested in playing by themselves or with one partner in place of a whole entire team. This relatively fast paced game actually involves less running than most traditional sports. Plus, tennis only requires a small amount of equipment - merely a tennis ball and racquet.

#4 Basketball

Girls Basketball

Basketball is ideal for those who enjoy a fast-paced game that involves a running, coordination, and upper body strength. As a team sport, Basketball actually needs very little special equipment. The only necessary gear to play basketball are athletic shoes, a hoop, and a ball.

#5 Softball

Girls Softball

Softball is the perfect sport for team players who do not want to be in constant motion. As a less strenuous sport, Softball still requires hand-eye coordination as well as a combined strength from the upper and lower body. Softball only requires basic equipment including a glove, bat, and softball.

#6 Lacrosse

Girls Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a traditional team sport that requires a good amount of equipment. In addition to the basic lacrosse stick and ball, players will need specific helmets along with specialized eye protection. Not only does the team sport of Lacrosse require a lot running, it also involves a heavy amount of hand-eye coordination in order to get the small ball from the middle of the field past the goalkeepers net.

#7 Swimming

Girls Swimming

As one of the most versatile sports, swimming can be performed individually or as a team. The most popular form of competitive swimming involves racing while maintaining a certain stroke. All that is need to swim competitively is a uniform swimsuit, goggles, and swim cap (which increases speed).

#8 Golf

Girls Golf

If you are searching for a more relaxing and less strenuous sport, than golf is the game for you. Other than swinging your club, the most exercise involved in golf is walking from hole to hole and even so, most golfers use motorized carts to get around. Your most vital piece of equipment in golf is your club set.

#9 Cross Country

Girls Cross Country

Cross country is yet another sport that allows players the option of competing individually or as a team. In short, cross country is a sport that consists of running in or outdoors over a variety of terrains. Plus, the only equipment necessary to join cross country is a great pair of running shoes.

#10 Field Hockey

Girls Field Hockey

Field Hockey is eerily similar to ice hockey, except for the fact that it utilizes a ball on a grass field instead of a puck in an ice rink. The only object of Field hockey is to maneuver the ball into the goal with your hockey stick. You will need to be able to work well with a team through open communication and impeccable hand-eye coordination.

Girls all over world enjoy playing sports. Organized sports are a great way for young female athletes to develop important life skills like how to work in a team, discipline, sportsmanship, as well as time and emotional management. It is possible for every girl in the world to find a sport they enjoy whether it involves individual or team participation.

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