World’s Top Ten Sports Bra Brands

#10 Lucy Bra

Lucy Balance Makes Perfect Bra

The Lucy Bra is voted highest on the list because it is the best choice for any woman preparing to hit the gym. Not only is the Lucy Bra extremely comfortable, it is made with a highly powerful fabric that was built to endure even the most intense of workout sessions. This bra was created to stretch and form to your body’s every movement. Plus, its wide band provides the extra security and coverage every well-endowed woman needs. The Lucy bra has it all making it one of your best choices when it comes to sports bra selection.

#9 Nike

Classic Sparkle Womens Medium Support Sports Bra

Nike never ceases to impress and its ladies wear only continuously improves. Every sports bra produced under Nike is so versatile that it can be adorned by all women regardless of bust size. Nike is known for only manufacturing the highest quality sports bras and they always offered in a wide variety of colors from neutral grays to bright yellows. Each bra is comfortable and created with materials designed to be stretched and sweat in. They will leave you dry and fresh even during the most strenuous workouts.

#8 Women’s Yoga Bra

Yoga Elixir Bra

The Women’s brand makes bras ideal for the everyday yogi. They are best known for producing exceptionally comfortable ladies sports bras made with a rich polyamide material. These stretch friendly sports bras offer yogis optimal range of motion and flexibility. Not to mention, this brand of sports bra comes in a wide range of sizes from extra small to extra large.

#7 Hero Bra

 Nike Hero Womens High Support Sports Bra

The Hero bra has been regarded as one of the world’s best athletic sports bras. This claim is due to the bras usage of a specific nylon material with dry fast technology. The bras special build ensures that you will feel fresh and dry the entire duration of your workout. Thus, if you are a gym rat, the hero bra comes highly recommended.

#6 SuperNova X Impact

Adidas Supernova X High Impact Sports Bra

The letter "X" in the SuperNova X Impact sports bra represents the razorback shape of the bras design. With molded bra cups and a low scoop neck, the SuperNova X Impact is sure to stay hidden under any athletic wear. Adidas manufactures the SuperNova X Impact and considers it one of its best-selling sports bras presently on the market.

#5 Jockey Performance

Jockey High Impact Performance Seamless Sports Bra

Although Jockey originally established its brand in the lingerie business, its line of sports bras are out of this world. The Jockey Performance sports bra comes complete with removeable cups, high impact support, and above all remains immensely comfortable. This bra is suitable for sports like cross country, football, or basketball. We know what you are thinking, but yes, the Jockey Performance sports bra offers that much support.

#4 Champion

Champion Spot Comfort Sports Bra

Champion is a great sports bra brand for quality and affordability. Any athlete on a budget will thoroughly enjoy the build of a Champion sports bra. Their spandex and polyester blend gives Champion bras stretch, flex, support and comfort. Champion sports bras also offer the advanced dry fit technology which absorbs and repels all moisture emitted from the body.

#3 Reebok

Reebok Workout Ready Seamless Sports Rra

Reebok designs sports bras with several user friendly features like adjustable straps, razorbacks, and dry fit technology. Reebok’s goal is to give its athletes the ultimate level of movement and mobility. Not only are Reebok’s sports bras extremely comfortable they are also stylishly chic and come in numerous trendy designs.

#2 Wicking Bra

Wicking 2-in-1 Adjustable Sports Bra

The Wicking sports bra by Jockey is the complete package. Its cups as well as its straps have been designed with the competitive athlete in mind as it was created for maximum mobility and comfort. The best part about the Wicking sports bra is that even though it is machine washable, the bra will retain its shape until the day you throw it out.

#1 Dri-Fit 548545

Nike Dri-Fit Training Bra 548545

The Dri-Fit 548545 designed by Nike is also considered one of the best sports bras in the world. It is manufactured with advanced stay dry fabric technology and is available to every woman, regardless of shape or size. This highly comfortable, and notably supportive sports bra can be worn for any type of workout, no matter the intensity.

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