10 Best Running Skirts

Current fashions are into high-performance workout wear. This is what makes it easy to take a run and then just go to the grocery store or the kid’s school or the office without even needing to change. Athletic clothes can serve a fitness purpose but they have also been designed to be on trend and in fashion. Running skirts are growing in popularity because they are multifunctional. They have become more and more elegant and can expose your long legs and curves. They are also very comfortable and provide good airflow especially during the summer months. Finding a good quality running skirt can be a difficult task so here are some that are perfect for runners.

This list can help you search for the coolest, most athletic look available now. The more you know about the product the less likely it will disappoint your expectations.

1. Lululemon

Lululemon Circuit Breaker Skirt II

The lost in pace running skirt is flawless. It has a fabric for sweat wicking and a flowing skirt with high-rise waist, which covers all body types. It has a gripping liner, which will stay put and its exit cord, and pockets all complete the super cool styling. You can go from the trails to downtown with your friends and never miss a beat. It is high performance and high appeal. It is pricey but quality meets this price point.

2. Tasc Performance Rhythm

Tasc Performance Rhythm Skirt

This is a very stylish skirt that one would buy performance. It has moisture resistant fabric, secure pockets and an exit cord for a cell phone. It even has SPF sun protection. It is great for quality and style.

3. The North Face Better Than Naked

The North Face Better Than Naked Long Haul Skirt

This is a running skirt that is a definite favorite. It has a flash dry fabric with great airflow. There is an exit cord in the pocket and sunblock all with an on trend fashion.

4. Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra

Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt With Athletic Shorts

This is a girly girl running skirt with compression mesh shorts, a wicking fabric all with a great silhouette and reasonable price.

5. Sparkle Athletic Running

Royal Blue Sparkle Running Skirt

A great addition to any athletic apparel and a fun accessory for any theme to relay, holiday marathon or just to catch a city street run.

6. Skirt Sports Lotta Breeze

Skirt Sports Lotta Breeze Capri

This skirt has a moisture wicking fabric with capris and a flowing running skirt. Coverage for all seasons as you will love the combination of at the track and at the café. The prices are high that there is a wide selection of options.

7. Smartwool Corbet 120

Smartwool Corbet 120 Skirt

This is a cold-weather winter running skirt. It has Thermo regulation which keeps runners dry even in snow and rain. It has pockets for storage and covers the backside but is a bit pricey but one you will never stop loving.

8. La Sportiva Andromeda

La Sportiva Andromeda Skirt

This is for runners who run in the sun as it has built-in SPF 50 sun protection with a quick dry fabric anybody mapping ventilation system. It is reasonably priced.

9. Pool Ultra Swift

Pool Ultra Swift Athletic Skirt

This is a breezy lightweight spring option. You can go from lunch to a hard-core trail run in the same outfit. It's great for the fashionista who demands performance.

10. Nike Rival Running

Nike Rival Running Skirt

This running skirt has three pockets for excellent storage and a patented dry fit fabric all with a fashion look in hot colors to choose from. It is priced high but the quality is excellent for the price point.

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