Girls and Sports

Sports and women, women in sports – let’s try to be unbiased when speaking about this issue. In the 21st century it is common to see women taking part in sports competitions, but there was the time when this was considered something extraordinary. Even at the turn of the 20th century a female athlete was an outstanding person.

Evgenija Medvedeva

Female athletes first took part in the Olympic Games in 1900. Their number constituted just 2% of all Olympic Games participants and they took part only in five kinds of sports, including tennis. Today this is a little known fact from the history of sports but at that time women were wearing long sleeved gowns covering the ankles on the tennis courts.

At that time society views, norms of behavior and morale were different. Here is an example: Annette Kellerman, a professional swimmer from Australia, fought to let women wear one-piece bathing suit (1907). After this photo was made she was arrested for indecent behavior. Just compare her outfit with modern swimsuits and sports bra.

Since that time the world has changed. What is the impact of these changes? Just imagine the economic growth and new pursuits that required new efforts, approaches, new clothing and footwear, and many other things.

As physical characteristics of men and women differ competition norms and requirements should differ as well. Indeed, requirements for sports achievements of female athletes differ from those of male athletes and the most important fact is that there are separate competitions for women and men. There are special requirements for the diet of female athletes, as well as for sports clothing and footwear. Sometimes it may be not easy to choose the right girls running shoes, tennis shoes or football studded shoes. By the way, football shoes were invented by Adi Dassler in 1928 and since that time they have been widely used in the sports world.

Artistic Swimming

Some kinds of sports are most suitable for the better half of the mankind, and they are the most popular as well. Figure skating, swimming, diving, synchronized swimming also referred as artistic swimming, gymnastics, tennis, light athletics are spectacular and graceful kinds of sports that can be compared to dancing. Not without reason has synchronized swimming recently been called artistic swimming. Although I think that evaluating artistic swimming performances will be more difficult. Synchronized movements can be traced, compared and evaluated fairly while artistic taste is rather vague opinion. If we look at the works by the Flemish artists of the 17th century and paintings created by expressionists of the 20th century we can see the different manner of painting while the price tags are practically the same.

Horseback Riding

When it comes to sport, as it is known, the winner is only the one so all sportsmen work hard to improve their results. Sometimes such efforts have a tragic ending, although we not always can know the causes of injuries or even death. A lot is being done to exclude and prevent sports injuries. Young sportsmen who are just starting their careers are being taught how to prevent injuries. Sports equipment and gear play an important role in injury prevention, and this is not just protection against mechanical damage in contact sports. It should be noted that contemporary ladies play football, as well as field hockey which are considered some of the most dangerous sports. It is also important to have the right outfit for winter sports, including safe equipment and gear. Fortunately, the vast majority of female athletes and just sports enthusiasts can find everything they need at the sports goods market supplied with new models and technologies by the top sports companies. This is a dynamic process that can be compared to sports itself in terms of level of risk taken and every effort made, although a bit less spectacular.

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